Iron Horse Royalties



Iron Horse Royalties, LLC is a non-operator and mineral acquisition firm focused primarily in the Williston Basin. Our team works to maximize the value of our seller’s mineral rights by conducting a quick, yet thorough evaluation of your property. Our approach is unique in its expedient and straightforward nature, where we work for you to get your lump sum payment into your bank account as quickly as possible. We purchase and lease interests of all types and sizes.

Iron Horse Royalties works diligently to:

  • Acquire non-operated positions in high quality acreage about to be drilled, that provide for high internal rates of return on capital.
  • Partner with leading E&P operators with a successful track record in the Williston Basin, ensuring reliable performance and diversification of operational risk.
  • Maintain the financial flexibility, liquidity and discipline to deploy capital quickly where it will generate the highest rates of return.
  • Increase visible growth potential over the long-term, strengthening our ability to deliver on our commitments for decades to come.


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